F45 Training South Hill

F45 Training South Hill


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About Us

F45 Training is the world leader in team based personal training. We combine HIIT (high intensity interval training) with functional muscle movements to provide the best possible 45 minute workout. We focus solely on movements that will help you in everyday life. Kettle bells, battle ropes, sledge hammers, plyometric equipment and more! We offer over 27 different types of programs that each focus on their own core movement patterns and styles. These can range from cardio to resistance or a hybrid of both. You won't be doing any extreme heavy lifting or boring treadmill work here!

F45 utilizes todays most advanced technologies to deliver our program through a series of 9 high definition flat screen T.Vs, blue tooth technology, F45 radio, F45 T.V and multiple certified personal trainers. With our advanced and proprietary tech systems you get all of the benefits of one on one training while still being a part of high energy fitness community. All of our trainers are nationally certified and have the ability to modify each workout to fit any fitness level or to account for any injury.

HIIT training is the #1 weight loss exercise and is the most recommended exercise program for diabetic patients as well! If you're looking to maintain, improve or simply have fun while being active than F45 is perfect for you!